Online Giving via debit

At The Door, we understand that tithing isn’t just a good idea, or a religious idea: it is a powerful principle of the Kingdom. The word tithe comes from the Hebrew word ‘ma’aser’, meaning ‘a tenth’. In a practical sense, tithing means giving one tenth of all our wages, increase, or profits back to God.

Contrary to what many people believe, tithing isn’t an ‘Old Testament’ thing; Jesus himself warned us not to neglect tithing (Matt 23.23).
This is because it has never been a practise rooted in Jewish law, but rather in honouring God, and recognizing that our wealth comes from Him alone. It comes down to this: that we give tithes like Abraham gave them – not by the Law but by faith. At every service, we give an opportunity for the congregation to tithe. You can also tithe by organizing a direct debit, using the Online Giving buttons above.


God Bless you and thank you for your giving,

The Door Christian Fellowship Church


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